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 Canadian Digital Adoption Plan (“CDAP”)

Boost Your Business Technology Grant

CDAP is a federal government initiative led by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) and supported by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). CDAP helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) adopt new technologies by providing the following resources:


$15,000 grant for digital advisory services  


$100,000 in interest-free loan from BDC for 5 years


$7,300 in wage subsidies for a youth placement 

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Who is Eligible? 


Be incorporated at the national or provincial level; or be a Canadian resident sole proprietor


Be a privately owned for-profit entity


Have between one and 499 full-time equivalent employees (T4s may be requested)


Have $500K to $100 million in revenue in one of the past three tax years

How can the SolvedAF team help?

As CDAP-approved Digital Advisors, the SolvedAF team is qualified to support eligible businesses and clients. 


Confirm your eligibility for the grant application and assist with the application process


Assist you with the Digital Needs Assessment (DNA), a precursor to the application process


Once approved, an experienced (10+ years) team will develop your Digital Adoption Plan (DAP)


How does the application process work?

As mandated by CDAP, you must apply for the grant directly; however, contact the SolvedAF team to guide you through the process and answer any questions you have. The process is as follows:

PART 1 :

  • Complete a DNA to determine your company's digital readiness and maturity.

  • Apply to the program by allowing CDAP to access and review your CRA business information (revenue and employees) to confirm eligibility

PART 2 :

  • Sign a grant agreement and provide your banking details for grant payment

  • Partner with us on developing a DAP within the CDAP guidelines

  • Submit the DAP and our invoice to claim the grant

PART 3 :

  • Once your DAP is approved, you can apply for a zero-interest loan of up to $100K from BDC as well as a wage subsidy of up to $7,300 for a funded work placement to assist your digital transformation.

What is a Digital Needs Assessment (DNA)?

The CDAP application process begins with the DNA, a practical 20-minute self-assessment across several parameters, such as strategy, business model, products and services, customer experience, operations, technology, organizational, and cybersecurity. It allows us to obtain a current perceived level of overall digital maturity. The SolvedAF team is happy to assist and guide you with the DNA.


What does the Digital Adoption Plan (DAP) include?

The exact composition of each DAP will vary according to the SMBs business operations. Since every SMB has different needs, the DAP can be tailored to the specific needs. At a minimum, each DAP must include the following elements:

Executive Summary

Key elements of the plan, including a strategy to achieve the SMBs business and digital goals

Current State Analysis

Overview of key business information, SWOT analysis, IT/IS information

Digital Adoption Analysis & Recommendations 

Identify a minimum of 3 potential digital/technology solutions and their benefits for the SMB to consider

Implementation Roadmap

Identify key elements of the recommendations, including costs, timelines, dependencies, and so on.

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