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Fractional Leadership

Fill Organizational Gaps

Augment your team with specific skills, experience, knowledge and/or leadership. 

Subject Matter Expertise

Inject a senior executive presence with subject matter expertise and a fresh perspective. 

International Experience

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Escalate your growth journey by adding leaders with international experience scaling organizations through various stages

 Cost Efficiency

Save money by paying a fraction of full-time Executive costs, including hiring, salary, bonuses, benefits, training and retention. 

How can fractional leaders help?

With a long-term partnership mindset and razor focus on maximizing value and optimizing resources, our fractional executive services provide the strategic leadership experience startup, small and medium-sized businesses (SSMBs) need to grow successfully.  

As your trusted partners, we develop robust strategies and roadmaps and guide the team(s) through successful execution of plans.  

Our fractional leaders have career experiences with globally recognized organizations, including Fortune 500 companies such as JP Morgan, World Bank, Tata Group, lululemon, CBS, Seaspan, Georgia Main, HSBC and more. As importantly, our fractional leaders bring deep entrepreneurial experience, including founding startups with successful exits, which enables them to understand the unique challenges you face as you grow.  


As SSMBs look to scale, founders, owners, and CEOs are pulled in many different directions. Whatever your title, you can count on us to be your number 2, 3, or 4: trusted advisors who find pragmatic solutions to your most pressing challenges, and the gravitas required to successfully engage external stakeholders. 

What are the typical fractional leadership functions?  

Cyber Security


IT Governance
Internal Controls
Business Development


Change Management
Change Management
Leadership Coaching


Learning & Development
Change Management
Data Analytics


Software Selection
Software Implementation
Product Management

What does the engagement process look like? 

Like every organization, every engagement is unique! Typically, this is what you can expect:



Once we’ve had the opportunity to learn and understand your business and objectives, we provide a proposal outlining exactly how we can add value to your organization.


Building the Relationship  

We envision a short-term engagement to deliver on immediate objectives, while developing a deeper understanding of your business and a relationship rooted in trust to formulate how we can help fulfill your vision


Getting Acquainted 

We take time to get to know each other with few discovery calls and/or in-person meetings. We use this time to ensure we understand your objectives and pain points, and how you can benefit from our fractional leadership and other services. 

(Your Inside Voice)"Wait, how much do they charge?"

Not every organization has the resources to fill every skill gap. We structure our services and compensation to fit your short and long-term objectives. Our Fractional Leadership services are designed to fill board, executive and management roles for SSMBs on an ongoing part-time or project basis.  

Our fractional leadership services may be customized in flexible hourly packages and rates. The cost-efficiency of Fractional leaders allows you to access a wide range of professionals available when you need them most without harbouring the full cost, including benefits, churn, training, bonuses and other incentives. 

Each conversation is different, and every potential client is at a different stage in their growth journey. We endeavour to customize our services and compensation packages to maximize the value for our clients.  

As we said, we are a little different… we would love to hear your story! 

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