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  • SolvedAF Staff

Bold and Unconventional: The Story Behind 'AF' in SolvedAF

Ever stumbled upon a company name that made you pause and think, “Now that’s different”? That's precisely the reaction we aimed for when naming our company. We chose a name that embodies both our ethos and our approach: bold, edgy, and unapologetically direct.  

So, here’s the story behind the "AF" in SolvedAF.  

Embracing the Edge 

When it came time to name our company, the goal was clear: create a brand that captures the essence of our innovative spirit and our commitment to pushing boundaries. "AF," a slang abbreviation for "as fuck," is typically used to emphasize a trait to its utmost degree. By adopting it, we signal a departure from the mundane and a leap towards the extraordinary. 

Why 'AF'? 

"AF" is undeniably bold and signals that we do not conform to the norm. We are willing to think outside the box and challenge the status quo. In a landscape cluttered with acronyms and generic descriptors, SolvedAF stands out, grabs attention, and makes a memorable impact. 

Conveying Our Intense Commitment 

Our use of "AF" isn't just about being different—it's about expressing the intensity of our dedication. This term highlights the extent to which we are committed to solving problems and delivering superior solutions in technology that help our clients' growth. We also want our clients to understand that our approach is not only thorough but also imbued with a passion and precision that is second to none. 

Balancing Boldness with Professionalism 

We recognize that our unconventional name might not resonate with everyone. Some might find it controversial or less traditional. However, we are steadfast in our belief that it's possible to balance boldness with professionalism. SolvedAF represents our commitment to being revolutionary yet deeply professional and competent. We offer groundbreaking solutions while maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity. 


In conclusion, SolvedAF is more than just a brand name—it's a declaration of our passion, our relentless commitment to excellence, and our courage to be different. Our name reflects our bold approach to problem-solving and our desire to serve as a beacon of innovation in the technology and growth sectors. While unconventional, our name is a powerful representation of who we are and what we stand for: solving challenges boldly and effectively, no matter the complexity. 

At SolvedAF, we are dedicated to exceeding expectations and achieving the highest standards, ensuring that for every challenge, we don't just find solutions—we solve them "AF." 


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