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SolvedAF Consulting is a boutique management advisory firm that uses a unique approach to facilitate digital transformation and organizational growth, enabling innovation for its clients.

With their foundational fractional leadership service model the goal at SolvedAF is to create an infrastructure of support services for startups and small to medium businesses (SSMBs) to enable organizational growth.

Using a holistic design-thinking approach and deep expertise, the entrepreneurial team at SolvedAF provides strategic leadership and best-practice execution on achieving growth and transformative change. With a razor focus on maximizing value and optimizing resources, SolvedAF leverages its strong domestic and international partner network to right-source talent for every transformation, technology, people and culture, risk management and growth advisory project.

Ashiq Ahamed

Making Change Happen

SolvedAF, founded in 2018, started as an IT consulting practice providing technology implementation and project management services to medium and large publicly listed organizations. Today, SolvedAF continues its evolution as a boutique management advisory firm, with experienced partners and fractional leaders joining the firm to lead new service lines focused on SSMBs to provide a comprehensive approach towards digital transformation and achieving scale.

To thrive and grow in the evolving post-pandemic business landscape, SSMBs must embrace change, adapt to new customer demands, and distributed, hybrid, or remote work models. Rejecting conventional wisdom that says change is hard, the team at SolvedAF is passionate about enabling transformative change by aligning each client’s IT and growth strategy with their overarching organizational goals and vision. With their fractional leadership service model, they work collaboratively as internal team members with clients to prioritize projects that offer the most significant strategic value to the organization.

Ritesh Desai

A Growth-Focused Approach

Every organization aspires to grow, but only some successfully achieve sustained profitable growth. Organizational scale requires a foundation of the right talent, tools, culture and mindset. Amongst the myriad of challenges they face, business leaders get pulled in different directions and into the dayto-day operations, making it difficult to see the big picture and make the intentional choices that direct them toward fulfilling their vision.

SolvedAF helps organizations overcome this by supplementing their talent and knowledge gap with experienced and strategically focused fractional leaders. With a foundation of diverse industry expertise spanning a variety of organizational sizes and functions, a common thread runs through the background of each member of SolvedAF’s leadership team: entrepreneurship. As entrepreneurs themselves, they understand the challenges growth and scale present and provide pragmatic solutions to navigate these roadblocks. SolvedAF’s fractional leaders bring their experience, skills, hands on understanding of international business, and a strong talent network to partner with their clients to enhance their strategy and focus on growth.

Recognizing the inefficiencies and lack of effectiveness in the traditional consulting model, where utilization is measured as the key metric, SolvedAF employs a lean talent bench to pursue its “right sourcing” philosophy for maximizing client impact. With its robust onshore, nearshore, and offshore talent pool and strong vendor partnerships, SolvedAF helps clients outsource their operational technology, emerging technology (blockchain, AI, etc.), business processes, and risk management initiatives, thus improving operational efficiency while managing the budget.

Bringing their international business experience and network to the fore, SolvedAF’s Growth Advisory practice is designed to fuel top-line growth through performance and value-based compensation for services, including Go-To-Market Strategy, Partnerships and Business Development and Digital Marketing.

More Than Trusted Advisors

The team at SolvedAF is on a mission – to move beyond being trusted advisors by becoming an integral part of each client’s team. With an operating model that focuses on continuity, client impact, cost efficiency and collaboration, SolvedAF builds trust and lasting relationships to drive innovation and enable the sustained evolution of its clients’ businesses.


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