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SolvedAF Consulting Inc.: Remediating Regulatory Gaps Within Organizations

Ashiq Ahamed, Managing Partner

With the newly proposed data privacy legislation and FCC’s new requirements for cybersecurity creating many challenges in Canada, businesses across the region will require high levels of regulatory expertise to comply with the upcoming laws.

By understanding the compliance gaps within their daily operations, enterprises can function in agreement with the mandates and sell their products and services to other organizations in the irrespective marketplaces; however, achieving compliance is no easy task.

Here, companies can turn to SolvedAF Consulting (SolvedAF), a Canadian-based boutique management consulting firm. Putting its best foot forward in ensuring that every facet of modern risk management is addressed, the firm helps companies make essential changes to achieve 100 percent compliance.

With the Partners holding over 30 years of experience in risk management, SolvedAF provides executive oversight and strategic planning services, such as regulatory framework management and leading risk programs. Effectively using onshore and offshore resources, the company tailors consulting solutions to suit the unique needs of each of its clients.

SolvedAF delivers its experience-backed services with a strong emphasis on efficiency. It studies a client’s operations thoroughly to understand their risk management and compliance gaps and helps remediate them. The company also applies its expertise to develop custom growth strategies and IT consulting services, implementing the correct systems and processes to remove barriers that otherwise disrupt a business’ transformation. SolvedAF also utilizes cutting-edge tools and technologies in the market, such as GRC solutions and automation, to drive the most value out of each service. The risk management expert creates regulatory frameworks that can be deployed and followed easily. It also applies this efficiency to its onshore and offshore services.

As a part of their value-based management service approach, SolvedAF’s team does not walk away from a project after the collaboration; they familiarize themselves with the client’s business and culture, get involved with workflows, and behave akin to internal executives.

SolvedAF becomes a part of the operation and the team to drive maximum revenue while keeping the client in the loop at all times to prevent any break in communication.

“Our value-based approach is important to us. We make sure our proposition aligns with a client’s requirements and delivers on their expectations,” says Ashiq Ahamed, Managing Partner at SolvedAF.

The following instance of how the company helped a SaaS-based business best depicts its risk management competencies. The client approached SolvedAF with a small team and almost zero formalized policies. The SaaS-based solution provider was trying to sell their product, a conversational AI solution, to a large payment processor. They could not get past the vendor risk management process with the payment processor, and SolvedAF was brought in to help facilitate the process. Shortly after, the client’s control environment was defined to meet the requirements of the payment processor. SolvedAF improved communication between the two and seamlessly embedded the SaaS solution, ensuring it was robust enough to support the payment processor’s risk management practices. Ahamed and his team additionally worked toward empowering the client to achieve the highest levels of SOC 2 readiness.

Our value-based approach is important to us. We make sure our proposition aligns with a client’s requirements and delivers on their expectations

Armed with a proven services portfolio, motivated entrepreneurial spirit, and strong business acumen, SolvedAF delivers maximum customer satisfaction. In fact, the firm often onboards new customers obtained via referrals from existing clientele. Its value-based approach that concentrates on driving efficiency helps businesses take their products from ideation to launch in a cost-effective, risk-aware manner throughout Canada.

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