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Introducing Growth Advisory Practice

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

“We are a little different.” These words on our SolvedAF website aren’t just words, this is our core principle and is actioned in our ways of thinking and interactions with all our stakeholders – employees, clients, partners, and vendors. Today, after over a year in stealth mode, SolvedAF is pleased to announce the launch of our Growth Advisory Practice and our newest Partner, Ritesh Desai!

Our Growth Advisory Practice was born out of our mission to partner with growth-focused organizations, especially start-ups and small to medium businesses (what we call SSMBs), that share our values. We partner with mission-driven, growth organizations that we believe benefit the community or the planet. In the service line’s short life span, we have supported organizations in the healthcare, wellness, hospitality, digital marketing, retail, e-commerce, tech, and media spaces. We have also, where we see long-term alignment in values, invested in a couple of these organizations.

Complementing our IT consulting services, our growth advisory services give us the opportunity to become trusted partners to founders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs on the road to high-paced growth. Our decades of combined team experience in high-paced and diverse organizations positions our uniquely qualified team to help your organization grow. Together, our fractional leadership (your executive team as a service), partnerships and business development services, and risk management expertise enable us to help you find the optimal solutions to your most pressing challenges while optimizing risk.

We are also excited to announce the joining of Ritesh Desai, as a Partner to lead this new practice. Ritesh brings over 17 years of professional services and industry experience to the SolvedAF team. He has a keen understanding of a wide range of organizational functions, including Finance, IT, Operations, HR, and Digital Marketing. Ritesh skillfully connects internal and external risks to their root causes. He promptly moves the dialogue to solution-driven strategic risk mitigation that drives growth using a culture and values-based leadership approach.

If you are curious to learn more, reach out to us for a chat.


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