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SolvedAF Acquires Bridge Advisors, A Boutique Advisory Practice

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

We are pleased to announce that SolvedAF Consulting has acquired Bridge Advisors, a boutique cross-border advisory practice that helps small and medium-sized businesses with technology and business process offshoring, and international market expansion.

The newly created Offshore Management Services, together with the new Mumbai office, will enable SolvedAF to support our clients’ growth, digital transformation, and innovation journeys with a focus on three key service areas:

  • Technology and Business Process Outsourcing

  • International Market Entry and Expansion

  • Risk Management

“This acquisition is a strategic extension of SolvedAF’s IT Consulting and Growth Advisory service lines. The Offshore Management services will enhance our focus on maximizing value and optimizing resources for our start-up and SMB clients by providing access to highly skilled offshore IT, business process, and risk management resources. In addition to bringing on Bridge Advisors’ extensive vendor partner relationships, we are excited to help our clients with growth through Bridge Advisors’ strong network in India, the Middle East, and the ASEAN region. Finally, we are excited to add Rustom Modi to our team as a Partner at SolvedAF through this acquisition. We look forward to introducing him to our clients soon,” said Ashiq Ahamed, SolvedAF’s Managing Partner.

“The alignment in the ethos and the mission between Bridge Advisors and SolvedAF Consulting was a critical factor for me. I am excited to join the SolvedAF team and help start-ups and SMBs innovate and grow,” said Rustom.

Rustom brings over 35 years of global experience in technology and innovation to the SolvedAF team. A complete profile of Rustom’s experience is included below.

Moving forward, all Bridge Advisor client relationships and vendor partnerships will be managed by SolvedAF Consulting. For any questions about this announcement, please contact SolvedAF at

About Rustom:

Rustom brings over 35 years of global experience in the technology and financial services industry working in foreign markets. He is currently a Senior Advisor to AWR Lloyd and WRG2030 at the World Bank in India, and, until recently, was an advisor to the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL). Rustom has co-founded two fintech start-ups, and advised several technology start-ups, mid-market firms, and venture capitalists in India, SE Asia, and North America on strategy and operational excellence.

Rustom previously led JP Morgan’s implementation of global IT sourcing, the creation of JP Morgan Services India, and was the CIO at ICICI Securities, a joint venture with JP Morgan. Rustom also sat on the Board of Directors at JP Morgan Securities India Ltd’s, and JP Morgan Services. Prior to JP Morgan, Rustom spent ten years with the Tata Group, holding various technology roles at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Tata Oil, including being appointed the CIO for Tata Oil, and being involved in Cybernetics and CLIOS (Complex Large Scale Integrated Open Systems).

Rustom’s interests span global economics, geopolitics, the impact of technology on society, and sustainability. Current technology interests include digital commerce, AI, and innovation in outsourcing. Rustom has an MBA and read Finance at the London School of Economics.

If you are curious to learn more, reach out to us for a chat.


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